Commercial Construction


Barkocy can be a valuable asset before any design or construction takes place by providing preliminary estimates, schedules, building systems evaluation, and construction feasibility studies.  This information can provide critical design, budget, and scheduling information to our client and design team. Early involvement in a project allows us to build a strong and trusting relationship with our client and avoid cost overruns and scheduling delays resulting in a successful project delivery.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering begins at the first phase of involvement with Barkocy and ends at the completion of the project. During the design and construction phases all specifications, drawing details, and construction methods are constantly analyzed to insure our client receives the most cost effective and quality construction possible.

General Contracting

General Contracting begins with the Client independently employing the General Contractor and Architect. Contracts between the Contractor and Owner can take on different levels such as, Competitive Lump Sum Bid, Negotiated Lump Sum, Turn-key or Cost Plus a Fixed Fee/Percentage. Barkocy takes pride in the ability to assemble quality craftsmen and subcontractors at competitive and competent pricing. We have developed an excellent reputation for delivering projects with the quality expected by the owner and architect.

Construction Management 

Construction management allows Barkocy to serve in a variety of capacities, ranging from Pre-Construction, Value Engineering, Project Oversight, Client representation, General Contracting, or Total involvement which combines all services into one. The construction management approach lends itself to fast-track and complex project that can be undertaken in several phases or trade specific work scopes before the final design and budget are completed. 

Design Build

The design-build project delivery system consolidates the architectural, engineering and construction disciplines in to one single source of responsibility and accountability to our client. By working as a cohesive Design Build Team design and budgets can be formulated more quickly, construction started earlier, delays avoided resulting in a Quality and Cost Efficient project.